I have worked with lawmakers, activists and organizers from all over our district and throughout the Commonwealth,
and I thoroughly understand the issues we face.


We live in this corner of the Pioneer Valley because we are devoted to our vibrant communities—and we need dedicated, passionate, energized representation on the state level to reach our true potential. I am that energized change. I will be your passionate voice, and I will bring my dedication to the State House so that the residents of our district can make progress together.

As a leader, I am focused on hearing the needs of our community and responding to the call for equity throughout our district. As a self-employed person, I recognize the struggles other entrepreneurs face. As a parent, I witness first-hand the importance of our schools and understand the difficulties our educators experience as they nurture our next generation on a far too limited budget. 

Our beloved State Representative Peter Kocot knew that Massachusetts could do better as a state. He saw our promise and potential. I am running for State Representative because I want to bring new energy, a fresh perspective, and a progressive vision to fulfilling Massachusetts’ promise.




  • Healthcare is a basic right and our local communities have the right to quality, affordable health care through a Medicare for All system. Our local nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system and they need Safe Patient Limits and strong unions so they can continue to provide the best health care possible.
  • Our local businesses make our district a place where we want to live, and we need to support both business and workers with livable wages, tax reform, and the construction of a reliable, high speed East-West rail to bring new economic opportunities to our towns.
  • Countless residents in our community are struggling to care for young children and sick family members. Paid Family & Medical Leave is essential so no one has to chose between a paycheck and caring for a loved one.
  • Our teachers are doing an incredible job educating our children and their voices must be heard on Beacon Hill. We need to support our educators and their right to bargain. We must support our schools by revamping the way we fund education in Massachusetts to avoid staggering disparity among districts and incredible economic burdens on local towns.
  • Our district is one of the most beautiful places in Massachusetts and we need to protect our environment with a move to 100% renewable energy and forward-thinking green policies.



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