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New state lawmakers pledge to be transparent with voting records | Jodi Reed | 11.30.18

"Sabadosa told 22News, "During the campaign, my constituents made it very clear that transparency is very important to them. They are very interested to know what votes are coming up in the house, where I stand on issues, what's happening in committees, and particularly how we vote on the house floor."

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Women's group aims to get more females in leadership roles at state colleges | Jodi Reed | 11.14.18

Representative-Elect Lindsay Sabadosa is interviewed on WWLP-22News at the Women’s Power Gap Legislative Briefing, hosted by Senate President Spilka, House Speaker Pro Tempore Haddad, and the Eos Foundation.

Large rally at Pulaski Park in support of Mueller investigation | Luis Feldman | 11.10.18

“Sabadosa commended all the organizers across the country that made that possible, but said there is still work to do, and encouraged people that belong to activist groups to stay ‘activated.’

‘You don’t have to be out every single day in the streets, but you need to be talking to your neighbors everyday,’ she said. ‘We need to keep moving forward … It’s going to take continuous conversations.’”


Single-payer health care gains momentum in wake of Tuesday’s election | Bera Dunau | 11.8.18

“Question 4, a nonbinding public policy question that asked legislators to support single-payer health care in Massachusetts, passed overwhelmingly in all six state House of Representative districts in which it was on the ballot. Now, single-payer advocates in Hampshire County plan to use the results to push the policy forward on Beacon Hill.

‘I would call that a mandate,’ said Lindsay Sabadosa, the 1st Hampshire District representative elect, on the question getting 87 percent of the vote in Northampton, which anchors her district.”


New wave of lawmakers heading for Beacon Hill | Bera Dunau | 11.7.18

“Sabadosa said that dealing with inequality in Massachusetts is why she ran for office. She also expressed outrage at the number of people who voted against Question 3, which sought to preserve anti-discrimination protections for transgender people in the state’s public accommodations law.

‘I am completely on fire,’ she said. ‘We’re gonna completely change how politics is done in Massachusetts.’”


Women take aim at Beacon Hill, but parity with men still looks out of reach | Stephanie Ebbert | 10.30.18

“Some of the female candidates running for the Legislature have been leaders of the resistance that rose up after President Trump’s inauguration. Tami Gouveia, a lead organizer for the Massachusetts chapter of the Women’s March on Washington, and Lindsay Sabadosa, director of the Pioneer Valley Women’s March, are both Democratic nominees for open House seats, facing no Republican challengers.”

Single-payer question on ballot locally | Bera Dunau | 10.24.18

“Lindsay Sabadosa, the Democratic nominee for the 1st Hampshire District in the Massachusetts House of Represenatives, is a big supporter of Question 4 and single-payer health care.”

Women candidates reflect on first-time political experience | Jacquelyn Vohgel | 10.15.18

“Sabadosa hopes to provide fuel for this movement; she added that she wanted not only to share her election experience at the panel, but to inspire students in the audience to run for office or become more closely involved in politics themselves.”

Resistance campaign airs concerns over Columbia Gas pipeline project | Scott Merzbach | 9.26.18

"Sabadosa, the Demcoratic nominee to become state representative for the 1st Hampshire District, said she also wants to pursue environmental justice for residents of cities such as Springfield, where asthma is at high levels, and Lawrence, which was recently rocked by the Columbia Gas line explosions."

Northampton High School students stage walkout in support of sexual assault survivors | Luis Feldman | 9.25.18

“Lindsay Sabadosa, the Democratic nominee for the 1st Hampshire District in the Massachusetts State House of Representatives, attended the event and said she is ‘grateful’ that NHS students held the walkout and expressed her own ‘solidarity’ with those who participated.’

Sabadosa scores: 'Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we get to work' | Bera Dunau | 9.5.18

"In her speech, Sabadosa noted the hard work that she and her team have been putting into the race since March, saying that the campaign had made over 20,000 voter contacts and knocked on 14,000 doors."


Lindsay Sabadosa thanks team, voters for 1st Hampshire primary win | Elise Linscott | 9.4.18

"This was about getting people out and involved, and they did it today, they came out in numbers we weren't expecting to see," Sabadosa told the crowd. "And I was so grateful, every time I saw more cars just pouring in (to polling centers), and the stories ... I will tell you, I had one man who came in to the polls, and he said, 'I got out of the hospital so I could come vote for you.'"


Lindsay Sabadosa wins 1st Hampshire Democratic primary | Elise Linscott | 9.4.18

"Progressive political newcomer Lindsay Sabadosa won the Democratic primary for state representative of the 1st Hampshire District Tuesday, beating out Diana Szynal. Since there were no Republican contenders in the primary, Sabadosa is expected to win the seat in the Nov. 6 general election."

Bob Gardner: Impressed by Lindsay Sabadosa’s boldness and innovation | Letter to the Editor | 9.1.18

"I truly believe Sabadosa will make things happen on climate devastation, reproductive freedom, justice for all and, most importantly, health care (single payer). And she won’t just give lip service on alternative energy and push for little tweaks in what should be seen by all as a growing crisis. She intends to push for 100 percent renewables, lifting the caps on solar installations, east-west rail, and fighting the oil lobby funded by the Koch brothers."

Renee Manley: Describes Lindsay Sabadosa’s dedication, compassion | Letter to the Editor | 8.28.18

"Sabadosa’s dedication to her community and her compassion for people are qualities all political candidates should possess. Her vision, beliefs and message resonate deeply with me. She is an advocate for women’s rights, the environment, affordable health care and safe communities, to name a few."

1st Hampshire District candidates tout experience, activism | Bera Dunau | 7.31.18

"Sabadosa, meanwhile, declared her desire to build coalitions to advance progressive priorities like single-payer health care, citing the connections she has made at the State House as an activist."


From statewide contests to local races, all politics are about Trump | by Matt Stout | 6.6.18

“'He’s kind of like that figure — he who shall not be named — who sort of looms above all things,” said Lindsay Sabadosa ... “Even at my campaign kickoff, I was asked: ‘What can you do, as a state representative, about Trump?’”


Sarah Buttenwieser: Supports ambitious women for Legislature | Letter to the Editor | 5.31.18

"There is no dabbling to [her] dedication. There is living, breathing walk-the-walk service to our community and to ideals that will help to make our community stronger if [she has] the opportunity to represent our region."


Lindsay Sabadosa, candidate for Peter Kocot's former seat, to launch campaign in Northampton | by Lucas Ropek | 4.25.18

"Sabadosa said she has a 'broad vision' for the district and the state, one that includes a focus on healthcare reform, education, and the needs of everyday people and families."


Western Mass Year of the Woman? Election could bring all-female delegation to Hampshire County | by Dave Eisenstadter | 3.27.18

"Hampshire County has the highest proportion of women of any county in the state, and yet for years has been represented in the Statehouse mostly by men ... But this year’s elections could alter that in the extreme. There are credible female candidates running for four of the state House seats representing the bulk of the county, and more than that, they might all win."


Lindsay Sabadosa to run for Kocot’s seat | by Bera Dunau | 3.19.18

"The director of the Pioneer Valley Women’s March has announced her candidacy for the 1st Hampshire District in the Massachusetts House. Democrat Lindsay Sabadosa informed the Gazette on Sunday night that she wants to bring a community organizer’s energy and expertise to the legislative process."


Lindsay Sabadosa: Women must shift power structure

"With the Women’s March, millions of people, but mostly women, took to the streets to demand that this country trust us. We are going to have to keep repeating this demand and, to achieve it, we need equitable representation."

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Listen to the Civil Politics Election Night Podcast featuring Bob of Occupy the Airwaves, and Representative-elect Lindsay Sabadosa. The Rep-elect can be heard at the 1:15:00 mark.

Lindsay Sabadosa joins other Democratic nominees Natalie Blais and Jo Comerford on WHMP’s Breakfast Club, 9.26.18.

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Lindsay Sabadosa on Occupy the Airwaves.

August 19, 2018

July 8, 2018


Civil Politics kicks off a series on local races in 2018 with an interview with Lindsay Sabadosa for State Representative.

The Horse Race podcast discusses Western Mass races, including Lindsay Sabadosa for State Representative, 1st Hampshire.

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Lindsay Sabadosa discusses her campaign for State Representative, 1st Hampshire district with WHMP's Bob Flaherty.


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Lindsay Sabadosa on WHMP's The Bill Newman Show:

July 6, 2018

April 30, 2018

Take The Mic Podcast.png

Lindsay Sabadosa discusses becoming a leader and advocate, initiating and organizing the Northampton MA Women's March, speaking passionately for women's reproductive rights, and now, deciding to become a candidate for statewide office.


Lindsay Sabadosa on the podcast She's Running on 4.18.18, talking about what inspired her to run for office, and what the process has been like so far.


Lindsay Sabadosa on WHMP Breakfast Club 3.28.18 speaking in an interview about women speaking their truth, activism and running for office.