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State lawmakers demand Congress act on gun control | Colin A. | 8.9.19

“Reps. Lindsay Sabadosa of Northampton, Nika Elugardo of Jamaica Plain, Tami Gouveia of Acton and Maria Robinson of Framingham issued the statement on the heels of two mass shootings last weekend to ‘fully denounce the white supremacist rhetoric that continues to be perpetuated and normalized in our country and that is one of the root causes of these acts of violence.’”

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State Lawmakers Respond to Weekend Massacres | Jodi Reed | 8.5.19

“Elected officials offered their condolences to the families of 31 people who were killed over the weekend, but activists are demanding more than just words… they want action.

State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa (D-Northampton) also took to Twitter, saying ‘It’s time to ban assault weapons, institute universal background checks, and denounce racist comments’”

Northampton City Council backs expansion of abortion rights statewide | Greta Jochem and Bera Dunau | 6.7.19

"Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton, and also a cosponsor of the ROE Act, said in her testimony to the council on Thursday that she has long worked with the Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts and done intakes there.

'I’ve been able to hear people — in this city — call and talk about how they’ve had to make a choice between putting off a procedure and paying rent, asking how they are going to make car payments and afford a procedure,” she said. “The ROE Act is aimed at helping the most vulnerable.'"

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Northampton City Council unanimously pass resolution supporting ROE Act | Kristina Carretero | 6.6.19

“State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa, First Hampshire District, told 22News, “Abortion is healthcare. When we talk about failing people, we are failing people because we are not providing them with access to affordable, quality healthcare.”

Sabadosa also said Northampton is the first to pass a resolution of this kind. She said she hopes it leads to resolutions being passed across the Commonwealth.”

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March of Dimes members discuss maternal health with state lawmakers | Jodi Reed | 5.15.19

“Rep. Sabadosa is working to provide "Dula care" in the delivery room so that all mothers have physical and emotional support while in labor. 

"Dula care is something that has been proven to improve outcomes regarding maternal health and so it felt appropriate that there is some form of payment for that so we're not only allowing very privileged people to access that care, it's really accessible to everyone," Rep. Sabadosa said.“

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State Rep. Wants Better Process For Beacon Hill Sexual Misconduct Investigations | Carrie Healy | 4.9.19

“First Hampshire District Representative Lindsay Sabadosa says Beacon Hill lawmakers and staffers need better protections in harassment cases, including a framework for impartial fact-finding.

Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, First Hampshire District: I was disappointed in the way that the investigation was handled, because it was lawmakers investigating other lawmakers.”


Regional transit authorities in crisis: Western Mass. copes with inadequate funding | Lillian Ilsley-Greene | 3.31.19

“Increased revenue for the RTAs could mean more drivers, buses and expanded routes and schedules. Increases in ridership will follow as services become available to those who need it, said transportation committee member Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton.”

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‘Pink wave’ panel at Clark explores strides women are making in politics | Steven Foskett Jr. | 3.20.19

“Lindsay Sabadosa, the first woman to hold the 1st Hampshire District state representative seat, said until recently women running for office would basically run as men; they all looked and dressed the same, and didn’t really talk about themselves much, all in an attempt to not scare away voters unsure about voting for a woman.

She said she did the opposite, running as an authentic person. In her race, she felt it was important to run as who she was. She’s a single mother, and that’s relatable with many voters.”

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Statewide campaign lobbying for all immigrants to receive driver's license | Sarah Guernelli | 3.7.19

"We want to make sure that," Sabadosa tells us. "Our communities are safe, that people are able to get to work, [and] take care of their kids, buy groceries. This bill is a really common sense piece of legislation that makes sure everyone is treated fairly."


State lawmakers hear public education advocacy group’s legislative agenda | Lillian Ilsley-Greene | 3.7.19

“People are afraid of low test scores, the school doesn't do as well, they lose funding, and it just kind of spirals,” Sabadosa said, “And once a school is losing funding, they tend to do worse and worse. We do need to move away from that.”


Rep. Sabadosa champions immigrant driver’s license bill at discussion in Northampton | Chris Goudreau | 3.7.19

“Sabadosa said she believes that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to obtain driver’s licenses because it would positively impact the lives of undocumented people across the state.

“One of the arguments that we’re going to use a lot is that this is safer,” she added. “Everybody having a license is actually safer because it means that you have done your driver’s test. Everybody knows that you are a safe driver.”

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State Legislators Lead the Fight to Defend The Constitution by Calling for Impeachment Proceedings against President Trump | Ed Erikson | 2.22.19

“There are critical moments in history, and this is one of them. We must defend the Constitution today from a president who acts as if he is above the law,” says Massachusetts State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa, who introduced a resolution today in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. “Massachusetts can lead the nation and call on our representatives in Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump now.”


Northampton backs resolution to change state seal, motto | Bera Dunau | 2.22.19

“The City Council unanimously passed a resolution on first reading Thursday backing the effort to change Massachusetts’ state seal and flag.”

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A new Massachusetts bill aims to provide free menstruation products to the needy | Avital Norman Nathman | 2.18.19

“Many young women and girls do not have the means and ability to get the necessary menstrual products they need. That’s a problem a new bill in Massachusetts hopes to solve, by providing free menstrual products to sixth through 12th graders in need—at school, in homeless shelters, and even in prison.”


State reps Lindsay Sabadosa, Paul Mark file bill to give unemployment benefits to workers in future lockouts | Shira Schoenberg | 2.18.19

“Now, Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton, and Rep. Paul Mark, D-Peru, have introduced a bill that would avoid similar scrambles in the future, by guaranteeing unemployment benefits for workers who are locked out during a labor dispute.”

“What we want to do is ensure workers have their rights protected, so if they do end up locked out, that can’t be used as a negotiation tool against them,” Sabadosa said.”


Protesting on Presidents Day: Activists rally against border wall | Jacquelyn Voghel | 2.18.19

“An actual emergency is Flint, Michigan,” state Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa said to the crowd. “There are people who don’t have clean drinking water in our country who are being poisoned. That’s an emergency.”

Sabadosa added that “the dehumanization and criminalization” of people of color, “the inability of our state and federal government to fully fund our schools,” and the climate crisis are some of the real emergencies in the United States.”


Northampton protesters decry Trump border wall: ‘This isn’t a national emergency’ | Jim Kinney | 2.18.19

“Sabadosa — in a theme echoed by many Trump opponents here an elsewhere — said the real national emergencies are issues like education funding, health care and environmental degradation leading to befouled drinking water and global climate change.”


New lawmakers get committee assignments | Lillian Ilsley-Greene | 2.18.19

“Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton, will serve on the House Committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling, and the election laws, marijuana policy, and transportation committees.

“We have a true lack of public transportation in this part of the state,” said Sabadosa, who has a strong interest in east-west rail efforts. “If you can’t get to our part of the state, people are not going to want to live here. And that doesn’t even mean moving here, it means retaining the people that we have.”


Present, future leaders talk issues at student-led town hall in Northampton | Jacquelyn Voghel | 2.16.19

“We have to make sure we’re not just passing legislation to be potentially inclusive,” Sabadosa said. “We need to be actually inclusive … We need to elect diversity.”


Teen force behind town hall: NHS students to host political forum | Greta Jochem | 2.12.19

“I’m really looking forward to high school students asking questions,” Sabadosa told the Gazette. “They are the next generation of voters, and these issues are incredibly pertinent to them.”


‘Uteruses Are Being Penalized’: Massachusetts Sees Pro-Choice Legislative Blitz | Auditi Guha | 02.12.19

“Unfortunately we live in a world where $730 for an abortion makes it completely inaccessible for most people. That’s only the cost of a medical abortion during the first ten weeks; it gets exponentially more expensive after that,” [Sabadosa] said. “[...] this is an economic disparity. We are charging people with uteruses more money for health care..."

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New proposal being made to change Massachusetts state flag | Jodi Reed | 01.31.19

There is a movement circulating on Beacon Hill to change the state seal because some say it represents the historic mistreatment of Native Americans.

Sabadosa called the flag 'racist,' claiming it doesn't represent the values of the Commonwealth. Governor Baker supported the removal of the state's only Confederate statue in 2017

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Western Mass. sends wave of women to Beacon Hill | Nicole DeFeudis | 01.31.19

“I think we’ve had this idea that when women run, they kind of have to act like men, and we have to pretend we don’t have families, and that, you know, we don’t fix our makeup in the hallways before we come in, and we don’t do all of these things that we do,” Sabadosa said.

“We need to be honest about that, because it starts to be a culture shift where it’s acceptable to be a woman running for office.”


Shifting from ‘chairmen’ to ‘chairs,’ Beacon Hill changes gendered language | Shira Schoenberg | 01.31.19

Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton, has been careful in referring to herself as a “first-year” representative rather than the traditional “freshman.” Sabadosa called the shift in the rules a “small but encouraging step” in enhancing legislative diversity.

“One of the things we’re working towards is having a more diverse body, and language matters,” Sabadosa said. “To have the bodies feel welcoming to people who are not men is a nice first step.”

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Western Massachusetts lawmakers file legislation to help their constituents | Jodi Reed | 01.31.19

“Changes to transportation, education, housing, and healthcare could be coming to the western part of the state…

Northampton State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa said she's been working on a Medicaid for all plan due to the overwhelming number of complaints from her constituents regarding healthcare.”


Massachusetts House rejects rules meant to boost transparency | Shira Schoenberg | 01.30.19

“For me personally, I would like to make sure I’m reading what I’m voting on, that I fully understand it and what the implications are, and that I don’t cast votes into the abyss.”

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UMass hosts legislators in ‘Women Leading Western Mass’ panel | Irina Costache | 01.29.19

“Let your passion lead you because that is most reflective of your authentic self, and that’s what people want. That’s what we seek…If there’s an issue you’re passionate about, let that be what guides you.”

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Single-payer backers ready to try again | Katie Lannan | 01.24.19

"I am delighted to fight this fight in the State House, but I'm even happier that you are all here today because this is going to take an inside-outside effort," Sabadosa told lobby day participants. "We are going to need organizing in every single city and town in Massachusetts. We are going to need to provide education. We are going to need to explain what this is, and that is not easy, so this is not a short-term game, but we are here today launching the long-term strategy about how we get there."

Carbon tax with a twist — Lawmakers want new House complaints process — Lyons is new Mass GOP chief | Stephanie Murray | 01.18.19

"The building is a unique place with its own complexities and power structures, Sabadosa told me yesterday. You need someone on the outside to make sure people feel comfortable coming forward to report issues.”

"You can't have a Women's March without saying assault and harassment are things that happen every single day. We still live in a patriarchal culture where it's part of what we deal with, Sabadosa said.”


First-year female lawmakers file bill to require independent investigation of Beacon Hill sexual harassment | Shira Schoenberg | 01.17.19

“I don’t understand how a committee formed by leadership can investigate one of their own,” Sabadosa said.”

“[...] we’re the ones coming in and saying we’re not accepting this, this is not OK, this is not the environment we signed up to work in."


Massachusetts education funding bill supported by teachers, mayors, advocates would cost up to $2 billion a year | Shira Schoenberg | 01.09.19

“Lawmakers from both the House and Senate have said they will make updating the education funding formula a priority.

Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton, said she hears questions about school funding whenever she talks to school officials in her district. “We know our schools are underfunded, we know we weren’t able to pass the legislation that would have increased funding last session. Everyone wants to make sure we’re going do it this session,” Sabadosa said.”

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Legislators lead bipartisan efforts to provide more funding to Massachusetts public schools | Jodi Reed | 01.09.19

“During his inaugural address, Gov. Baker said he intends to take another look at the state's school funding formula, but many people feel the problem has gone on for far too long.

"In his proposal what he didn't mention was the word poverty and the word inequality, so for me the way we change the funding formula is we work to make sure we are eradicating both of those concepts," Representative Sabadosa told 22News.”


Ready to get to work: Five new Valley legislators sworn into office | Bera Dunau | 01.02.19

“Sabadosa said that she’s going to be filing around 10 different piece of legislation. In addition to the Medicare for All bill, Sabadosa plans to file legislation on workers’ rights, abortion access and changing the state’s seal and flag. She inherited the flag legislation from Rep. Byron Rushing, D-Boston.

“It’s a really exciting array of things that kind of go all over the place,” she said.”

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Massachusetts senators, representatives sworn into office | David Blewett, Jodi Reed | 01.02.19

"We're starting the period now where we file legislation, we have until January 18 and that's really the meat of what I want to be doing, so this day was wonderful, it was celebratory, and now we get to work," said state representative Lindsay Sabadosa.”


191st Massachusetts House sworn in, with 25 freshmen lawmakers | Shira Schoenberg | 01.02.19

“Freshman Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton, said she was feeling “really exhilarated” on her way to the swearing-in. Her 12-year-old daughter planned to sit next to her on the House floor.

“It feels sort of like I’m coming home to the House, and I’m really excited to get to work,” Sabadosa said. “This is the day that starts all of that.”


Meet the 5 new lawmakers who will represent Western Massachusetts in Boston | Shira Schoenberg | 01.02.19

“Western Massachusetts has a new crop of lawmakers.

After a spate of retirements, resignations and a death, the Western Massachusetts delegation to Beacon Hill will include an unusual number of new faces when the Legislature is sworn in on Wednesday in Boston.”


4 progressive women from Western Massachusetts hope to make a difference on Beacon Hill | Shira Schoenberg | 12.20.18

“Four progressive women from Western Massachusetts are set to join the state Legislature on Wednesday, bringing with them a diverse set of experiences and perspectives. They are all new to elected office, and they chose to run amid the #metoo movement, as women around the country are developing an increasingly powerful voice in politics.”


Civic leaders offer New Year’s resolutions | Bera Dunau | 12.30.18

“It was a banner year for politics in the Pioneer Valley in 2018, with a major changing of the guard, and five new state legislators representing the region, four of whom are women.

Looking ahead to 2019, the Gazette asked a number of local leaders about their personal and political New Year’s resolutions. Here is what they had to say.”


Sabadosa to lead charge for single-payer in House | Bera Dunau | 12.30.18

“Lindsay Sabadosa made Medicare for All a central part of her successful campaign for the 1st Hampshire House seat this year.

Now, the Northampton lawmaker-elect is set to become the lead House sponsor of the long-introduced legislation that could bring a single-payer health system to the Bay State.”


New lawmakers attend boot camp at UMass | Greta Jochem | 12.17.18

"Connecting with her colleagues was also valuable for incoming Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton. “The best part was networking with the new class,” she said, though she noted the freshman class had already connected digitally through text chains and even a Facebook page. She talked to other legislators about supporting Medicare for all in the House, and said there was also a lot of discussion about climate change. “That’s an issue that everyone is concerned about,” she said."

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New state lawmakers pledge to be transparent with voting records | Jodi Reed | 11.30.18

"Sabadosa told 22News, "During the campaign, my constituents made it very clear that transparency is very important to them. They are very interested to know what votes are coming up in the house, where I stand on issues, what's happening in committees, and particularly how we vote on the house floor."

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Women's group aims to get more females in leadership roles at state colleges | Jodi Reed | 11.14.18

Representative-Elect Lindsay Sabadosa is interviewed on WWLP-22News at the Women’s Power Gap Legislative Briefing, hosted by Senate President Spilka, House Speaker Pro Tempore Haddad, and the Eos Foundation.

Large rally at Pulaski Park in support of Mueller investigation | Luis Feldman | 11.10.18

“Sabadosa commended all the organizers across the country that made that possible, but said there is still work to do, and encouraged people that belong to activist groups to stay ‘activated.’

‘You don’t have to be out every single day in the streets, but you need to be talking to your neighbors everyday,’ she said. ‘We need to keep moving forward … It’s going to take continuous conversations.’”


Single-payer health care gains momentum in wake of Tuesday’s election | Bera Dunau | 11.8.18

“Question 4, a nonbinding public policy question that asked legislators to support single-payer health care in Massachusetts, passed overwhelmingly in all six state House of Representative districts in which it was on the ballot. Now, single-payer advocates in Hampshire County plan to use the results to push the policy forward on Beacon Hill.

‘I would call that a mandate,’ said Lindsay Sabadosa, the 1st Hampshire District representative elect, on the question getting 87 percent of the vote in Northampton, which anchors her district.”


New wave of lawmakers heading for Beacon Hill | Bera Dunau | 11.7.18

“Sabadosa said that dealing with inequality in Massachusetts is why she ran for office. She also expressed outrage at the number of people who voted against Question 3, which sought to preserve anti-discrimination protections for transgender people in the state’s public accommodations law.

‘I am completely on fire,’ she said. ‘We’re gonna completely change how politics is done in Massachusetts.’”


Women take aim at Beacon Hill, but parity with men still looks out of reach | Stephanie Ebbert | 10.30.18

“Some of the female candidates running for the Legislature have been leaders of the resistance that rose up after President Trump’s inauguration. Tami Gouveia, a lead organizer for the Massachusetts chapter of the Women’s March on Washington, and Lindsay Sabadosa, director of the Pioneer Valley Women’s March, are both Democratic nominees for open House seats, facing no Republican challengers.”

Single-payer question on ballot locally | Bera Dunau | 10.24.18

“Lindsay Sabadosa, the Democratic nominee for the 1st Hampshire District in the Massachusetts House of Represenatives, is a big supporter of Question 4 and single-payer health care.”

Women candidates reflect on first-time political experience | Jacquelyn Vohgel | 10.15.18

“Sabadosa hopes to provide fuel for this movement; she added that she wanted not only to share her election experience at the panel, but to inspire students in the audience to run for office or become more closely involved in politics themselves.”

Resistance campaign airs concerns over Columbia Gas pipeline project | Scott Merzbach | 9.26.18

"Sabadosa, the Demcoratic nominee to become state representative for the 1st Hampshire District, said she also wants to pursue environmental justice for residents of cities such as Springfield, where asthma is at high levels, and Lawrence, which was recently rocked by the Columbia Gas line explosions."

Northampton High School students stage walkout in support of sexual assault survivors | Luis Feldman | 9.25.18

“Lindsay Sabadosa, the Democratic nominee for the 1st Hampshire District in the Massachusetts State House of Representatives, attended the event and said she is ‘grateful’ that NHS students held the walkout and expressed her own ‘solidarity’ with those who participated.’

Sabadosa scores: 'Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we get to work' | Bera Dunau | 9.5.18

"In her speech, Sabadosa noted the hard work that she and her team have been putting into the race since March, saying that the campaign had made over 20,000 voter contacts and knocked on 14,000 doors."


Lindsay Sabadosa thanks team, voters for 1st Hampshire primary win | Elise Linscott | 9.4.18

"This was about getting people out and involved, and they did it today, they came out in numbers we weren't expecting to see," Sabadosa told the crowd. "And I was so grateful, every time I saw more cars just pouring in (to polling centers), and the stories ... I will tell you, I had one man who came in to the polls, and he said, 'I got out of the hospital so I could come vote for you.'"


Lindsay Sabadosa wins 1st Hampshire Democratic primary | Elise Linscott | 9.4.18

"Progressive political newcomer Lindsay Sabadosa won the Democratic primary for state representative of the 1st Hampshire District Tuesday, beating out Diana Szynal. Since there were no Republican contenders in the primary, Sabadosa is expected to win the seat in the Nov. 6 general election."

Bob Gardner: Impressed by Lindsay Sabadosa’s boldness and innovation | Letter to the Editor | 9.1.18

"I truly believe Sabadosa will make things happen on climate devastation, reproductive freedom, justice for all and, most importantly, health care (single payer). And she won’t just give lip service on alternative energy and push for little tweaks in what should be seen by all as a growing crisis. She intends to push for 100 percent renewables, lifting the caps on solar installations, east-west rail, and fighting the oil lobby funded by the Koch brothers."

Renee Manley: Describes Lindsay Sabadosa’s dedication, compassion | Letter to the Editor | 8.28.18

"Sabadosa’s dedication to her community and her compassion for people are qualities all political candidates should possess. Her vision, beliefs and message resonate deeply with me. She is an advocate for women’s rights, the environment, affordable health care and safe communities, to name a few."

1st Hampshire District candidates tout experience, activism | Bera Dunau | 7.31.18

"Sabadosa, meanwhile, declared her desire to build coalitions to advance progressive priorities like single-payer health care, citing the connections she has made at the State House as an activist."


From statewide contests to local races, all politics are about Trump | by Matt Stout | 6.6.18

“'He’s kind of like that figure — he who shall not be named — who sort of looms above all things,” said Lindsay Sabadosa ... “Even at my campaign kickoff, I was asked: ‘What can you do, as a state representative, about Trump?’”


Sarah Buttenwieser: Supports ambitious women for Legislature | Letter to the Editor | 5.31.18

"There is no dabbling to [her] dedication. There is living, breathing walk-the-walk service to our community and to ideals that will help to make our community stronger if [she has] the opportunity to represent our region."


Lindsay Sabadosa, candidate for Peter Kocot's former seat, to launch campaign in Northampton | by Lucas Ropek | 4.25.18

"Sabadosa said she has a 'broad vision' for the district and the state, one that includes a focus on healthcare reform, education, and the needs of everyday people and families."


Western Mass Year of the Woman? Election could bring all-female delegation to Hampshire County | by Dave Eisenstadter | 3.27.18

"Hampshire County has the highest proportion of women of any county in the state, and yet for years has been represented in the Statehouse mostly by men ... But this year’s elections could alter that in the extreme. There are credible female candidates running for four of the state House seats representing the bulk of the county, and more than that, they might all win."


Lindsay Sabadosa to run for Kocot’s seat | by Bera Dunau | 3.19.18

"The director of the Pioneer Valley Women’s March has announced her candidacy for the 1st Hampshire District in the Massachusetts House. Democrat Lindsay Sabadosa informed the Gazette on Sunday night that she wants to bring a community organizer’s energy and expertise to the legislative process."


Lindsay Sabadosa: Women must shift power structure

"With the Women’s March, millions of people, but mostly women, took to the streets to demand that this country trust us. We are going to have to keep repeating this demand and, to achieve it, we need equitable representation."

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 9.59.22 AM.png

Rep. Sabadosa on the creation of the MA State Budget. Beginning around 20:30.


Representative Lindsay Sabadosa on impending cuts to public regional transportation in state budget. Beginning around 16:15.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 1.47.48 PM.png

Hear State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa discuss the Medicare for All hearing and other happenings at the State House.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 9.59.30 AM.png

State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa on the ROE bill, the proposed distracted driver legislation and the Healthy Youth Act (sex ed in schools) ; then on ArtBeat with Donnabelle Casis — Florence Pie Bar Poets Floyd Cheung and Jen Blackburn.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.59.23 AM.png

Hear Representative Sabadosa on Occupy the Airwaves talk about her time in the State House beginning around 3:00

horse race bet the ouse.JPG

Hear Representative Sabadosa speak about SD.1412/HD.2713: An Act promoting equality and respect in the legislature at 14:35.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 4.16.04 PM.png

Representative Sabadosa sits down with Bill Newman once again to give him the low down - on filing day - about the the pieces of legislation she is filing beginning around 27:57.


Representative-elect Lindsay Sabadosa talks to Bill Newman about Medicare for All— the legislation, the caucus, and the strategy in the Commonwealth.


Representative-elect Lindsay Sabadosa recaps her time at the New Legislators Academy on The Bill Newman Show at around 28:15.

river interview.JPG

Representative-elect Lindsay Sabadosa, and the rest of the incoming class from Western Mass, speak to Monte Belmonte from the Academy of New Legislators at UMass Amherst.

civil politics flag.png

Listen to the Civil Politics Election Night Podcast featuring Bob of Occupy the Airwaves, and Representative-elect Lindsay Sabadosa. The Rep-elect can be heard at the 1:15:00 mark.

Lindsay Sabadosa joins other Democratic nominees Natalie Blais and Jo Comerford on WHMP’s Breakfast Club, 9.26.18.

Valley Free Radio.png

Lindsay Sabadosa on Occupy the Airwaves.

August 19, 2018

July 8, 2018


Civil Politics kicks off a series on local races in 2018 with an interview with Lindsay Sabadosa for State Representative.

The Horse Race podcast discusses Western Mass races, including Lindsay Sabadosa for State Representative, 1st Hampshire.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.42.34 PM.png

Lindsay Sabadosa discusses her campaign for State Representative, 1st Hampshire district with WHMP's Bob Flaherty.


WHMP 4.30.18.png

Lindsay Sabadosa on WHMP's The Bill Newman Show:

July 6, 2018

April 30, 2018

Take The Mic Podcast.png

Lindsay Sabadosa discusses becoming a leader and advocate, initiating and organizing the Northampton MA Women's March, speaking passionately for women's reproductive rights, and now, deciding to become a candidate for statewide office.


Lindsay Sabadosa on the podcast She's Running on 4.18.18, talking about what inspired her to run for office, and what the process has been like so far.


Lindsay Sabadosa on WHMP Breakfast Club 3.28.18 speaking in an interview about women speaking their truth, activism and running for office.