Madeleine Lombard: Climate-changed activist backs Sabadosa | Letter to the Editor | 8.9.18

"I urge everyone who can vote to elect the candidates who have the will and skills to challenge the lack of transparent democracy and the influence of money at the Statehouse."

Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: Bring voice of people into government | 8.8.18

"The people of the 1st Hampshire District have a crucial decision to make on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Our country — and our district — are at a crossroads. Our current political climate encourages and celebrates intolerance, but here in Massachusetts, we have the opportunity to be leaders for the rest of the country. Massachusetts has led in the past, and we can lead again, but only if we elect representatives who share our values and have a compelling vision for the future."


Cherilyn Strayder: A teen activist who supports Lindsay Sabadosa | Letter to the Editor | 8.5.18

"As a young person not yet able to vote, I base my decisions on who I believe is best suited to represent my values in public office on who is willing to listen and who is ready to fight for my needs. In the 1st Hampshire district, that candidate is Lindsay Sabadosa."

Susan Voss: Lindsay Sabadosa will fight for our day-to-day needs | Letter to the Editor | 8.5.18

"We need a bold representative who will fight for our day-to-day needs and who realizes that ever-growing income inequality is both unsustainable and harmful. That representative is Lindsay Sabadosa. She is ready to form meaningful coalitions and to fight for single payer health care, education reform, climate solutions and effective public transportation."

1st Hampshire District candidates tout experience, activism | Bera Dunau | 7.31.18

"Sabadosa, meanwhile, declared her desire to build coalitions to advance progressive priorities like single-payer health care, citing the connections she has made at the State House as an activist."


Pamela Schwartz: Cites Lindsay Sabadosa’s leadership, stamina | Letter to the Editor | 7.23.18

"Sabadosa’s leadership has been critical in making the Pioneer Valley’s voice of resistance as strong as it can be from here to Boston. Her advocacy on numerous issues, including Medicare for All and the Safe Communities Act, have already left a strong mark on Beacon Hill. Sabadosa knows what it takes to bring constituent voices to the forefront, to build alliances with fellow legislators, and to move the progressive agenda forward."

Jonathan A. Wright: Cites Lindsay Sabadosa’s positions, coalition-building | Letter to the Editor | 7.16.18

"Sabadosa is engaging, easy to talk to and trusted by voters across the region and spectrum for her ability to assemble coalitions on common values and needs."


Jim Palermo: Supports Sabadosa in 1st Hampshire District | Letter to the Editor | 7.11.18

"I am particularly impressed by Sabadosa’s desire to collaborate with all the representatives from western Massachusetts, as well as with legislators from other sections of the commonwealth whose districts experience similar challenges."


Kristen Sykes: Calls Lindsay Sabadosa a politician who listens | Letter to the Editor | 7.8.18

“I have talked to many politicians, some who have listened and some who have not. Linsday Sabadosa, who is running for state representative in the 1st Hampshire District, is one who does.”


From statewide contests to local races, all politics are about Trump | by Matt Stout | 6.6.18

“'He’s kind of like that figure — he who shall not be named — who sort of looms above all things,” said Lindsay Sabadosa ... “Even at my campaign kickoff, I was asked: ‘What can you do, as a state representative, about Trump?’”


Sarah Buttenwieser: Supports ambitious women for Legislature | Letter to the Editor | 5.31.18

"There is no dabbling to [her] dedication. There is living, breathing walk-the-walk service to our community and to ideals that will help to make our community stronger if [she has] the opportunity to represent our region."


Lindsay Sabadosa, candidate for Peter Kocot's former seat, to launch campaign in Northampton | by Lucas Ropek | 4.25.18

"Sabadosa said she has a 'broad vision' for the district and the state, one that includes a focus on healthcare reform, education, and the needs of everyday people and families."


Western Mass Year of the Woman? Election could bring all-female delegation to Hampshire County | by Dave Eisenstadter | 3.27.18

"Hampshire County has the highest proportion of women of any county in the state, and yet for years has been represented in the Statehouse mostly by men ... But this year’s elections could alter that in the extreme. There are credible female candidates running for four of the state House seats representing the bulk of the county, and more than that, they might all win."


Lindsay Sabadosa to run for Kocot’s seat | by Bera Dunau | 3.19.18

"The director of the Pioneer Valley Women’s March has announced her candidacy for the 1st Hampshire District in the Massachusetts House. Democrat Lindsay Sabadosa informed the Gazette on Sunday night that she wants to bring a community organizer’s energy and expertise to the legislative process."


Lindsay Sabadosa: Women must shift power structure

"With the Women’s March, millions of people, but mostly women, took to the streets to demand that this country trust us. We are going to have to keep repeating this demand and, to achieve it, we need equitable representation."


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Lindsay Sabadosa discusses her campaign for State Representative, 1st Hampshire district with WHMP's Bob Flaherty.

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Lindsay Sabadosa on WHMP's The Bill Newman Show:

July 6, 2018

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Lindsay Sabadosa discusses becoming a leader and advocate, initiating and organizing the Northampton MA Women's March, speaking passionately for women's reproductive rights, and now, deciding to become a candidate for statewide office.


Lindsay Sabadosa on the podcast She's Running on 4.18.18, talking about what inspired her to run for office, and what the process has been like so far.


Lindsay Sabadosa on WHMP Breakfast Club 3.28.18 speaking in an interview about women speaking their truth, activism and running for office.