Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: Time to bring school funding out of the Walkman ages | Lindsay Sabadosa | 8.15.19

“The last time the education funding formula was updated, Walkmans were all the rage. An entire generation of children will graduate from our schools without any changes having been made, even though the Foundation Budget Review Commission made its recommendations on how to update education funding nearly five years ago. That report told us that the state is underfunding our schools by between $1-2 billion.”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: Racism is not just about words | Lindsay Sabadosa | 7.18.19

“Racism is not just about words. It’s about policy. It is not enough for us to stand with someone who is the target of racist comments; we have to back up the denunciation of racism with anti-racist policies.

Luckily, there are many ways for us to enact anti-racist policy on the state level, giving legislators a chance to #StandWIthTheSquad in tangible ways.”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: Fixing the ‘brokenness’ of the criminal justice system | Lindsay Sabadosa | 6.20.19

“Every Friday afternoon at 5, I make sure to check my email. That’s when House staff lets us know if we’ll have formal session (i.e. we’ll be voting on something) the following Wednesday.

The email rarely tells us what we’ll really be voting on — often it lists a sick bank or a smaller bill that is unlikely to be on our Wednesday agenda — and that’s when the calls start between members asking, ‘What are we taking up? Have you heard anything?’”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: All politics are local | Lindsay Sabadosa | 5.17.19

“For the last five months, I have become a person who drives over a thousand miles a week. As someone who has spent years thinking about how my family can reduce our carbon footprint, it is a hard reality to have to drive that much, although it is tempered by my deep love of my work and adds yet another reason why I am such a strong supporter of public bus and rail service.”

Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: Working to demystify how the state budget takes shape | Lindsay Sabadosa | 4.20.19

“On April 10, House members received something we’ve all been waiting for: the House Ways and Means budget.

I have long talked about how our budget should be a representation of our values, so getting my first budget is indeed an exciting moment. Over the last few months, I have sat in meeting after meeting with leaders of local agencies, all of whom have discussed their budgetary needs so they can, for example, work to make homelessness brief, rare, and non-recurring, provide job training and internship programs, and address the ever-growing food insecurity in our area.”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: A peek inside my calendar on a typical day in the district | Lindsay Sabadosa| 3.15.19

“How far do you drive a week?” “Do you really commute?” “How often are you in Boston?”

Based on the questions I get about being a state representative, Boston is often on the forefront of people’s minds and what goes on in the House. While I feel like I never stop running in Boston, I oddly find that I drive more on the days I am in district, starting events much earlier and ending them much later.”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: Listening and learning, then speaking truth to power | Lindsay Sabadosa | 2.15.19

“The best part of being a state representative is talking to people or rather listening to people. In a world where communication is rapid and getting in sound bites is put at a premium, it’s easy to forget that half of a conversation is listening, both to ensure that the person speaking is heard and to be able to provide a germane response.”

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Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: On the importance of transparency — and transformation | Lindsay Sabadosa | 01.18.19

“I recently came across my notebook from AP Government where I had written down and answered a variety of questions on the first page: Have you ever worked on a political campaign? Yes. Have you ever donated to a candidate? Yes. Have you ever written a letter to the editor in support of a candidate? Yes. Have you ever voted? No.”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: The value of kids' voices | Lindsay Sabadosa | 12.21.18

“How do we get more young people involved?” This seems to be the perennial question of most organizing efforts. It makes sense: We fight for issues that are so important we expect to see an uprising of young people demanding universal health care, debt-free education, climate change mitigation and public transportation that connects them to school, work and home. After all, as the clichéd phrase goes, these issues should matter more to young people because it’s “their future.”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: What I learned canvassing my own town | Lindsay Sabadosa | 11.16.18

“At the recent Friends’ of Children Advocacy Dinner, a woman came up to me and said, “You probably don’t remember me but you knocked on my door …” That’s something I have heard a lot in recent months. It is true that I don’t always remember faces, and I am terrible at remembering names, but I generally remember conversations. In this case, I certainly remembered her. I had broken the cardinal rule of canvassing at her house: I sat on her porch to talk with her for well over 20 minutes.”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: Bring voice of people into government  | Lindsay Sabadosa | 8.8.18

"The people of the 1st Hampshire District have a crucial decision to make on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Our country — and our district — are at a crossroads. Our current political climate encourages and celebrates intolerance, but here in Massachusetts, we have the opportunity to be leaders for the rest of the country. Massachusetts has led in the past, and we can lead again, but only if we elect representatives who share our values and have a compelling vision for the future."