Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: What I learned canvassing my own town | Lindsay Sabadosa | 11.16.18

“At the recent Friends’ of Children Advocacy Dinner, a woman came up to me and said, “You probably don’t remember me but you knocked on my door …” That’s something I have heard a lot in recent months. It is true that I don’t always remember faces, and I am terrible at remembering names, but I generally remember conversations. In this case, I certainly remembered her. I had broken the cardinal rule of canvassing at her house: I sat on her porch to talk with her for well over 20 minutes.”


Columnist Lindsay Sabadosa: Bring voice of people into government  | Lindsay Sabadosa | 8.8.18

"The people of the 1st Hampshire District have a crucial decision to make on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Our country — and our district — are at a crossroads. Our current political climate encourages and celebrates intolerance, but here in Massachusetts, we have the opportunity to be leaders for the rest of the country. Massachusetts has led in the past, and we can lead again, but only if we elect representatives who share our values and have a compelling vision for the future."